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Coming soon!

Stay tuned for our new e-commerce experience and some exciting news, as we officially bring TinySeats to market this 20 August 2020!

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If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at connect@tinyseats.com

Convenient and safe - one seat, three configurations!
From the size of carry-on luggage to a safe children’s car seat suitable from the age of 9 months to 6+ years, whether forward-facing, rear-facing or as a booster, 
TinySeats is safely installed in just 30 seconds!



TinySeats is the proud winner of the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award 2020!

Red Dot is one of the most established awards in product design. Together with the British design company JMDA, TinySeats has won this award in recognition of its innovative design that is compact and convertible, as well as quick to install.

Through smart design and easy-to-use products, TinySeats vision is to make everyday life easier for discerning modern-day parents living in the city with an active lifestyle.The idea behind the car seat came from one father’s tireless quest to find a safe car seat for on the go, as the family had to quickly jump between taxis. It is easy to assemble, foldable and easy to carry. It lives up to all safety requirements and maintains a high quality in finish and choice of materials.


Soon to be shipped...


TinySeats will be available for order by the end of this summer with delivery in late september. Curious? Register to our newsletter