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Our journey

A quest for safety


TinySeats has its origins in one father’s search for the perfect child safety seat. We wanted to create an innovative product that would cater to urban families without access to their own car, who frequently commute or travel either by rental cars, taxis or other car-sharing services. A portable, convertible and easy-to-use child safety seat that could facilitate flexibility and mobility – and unburden parents that lead busy lives.

In the beginning, we searched far and wide for products that matched our vision, but none of the available options had all the features we were looking for. While some were portable or convertible, none could be adapted to a family’s changing needs as children grow. We saw an opportunity to create a new product. And so, we embarked on the long winding journey of developing TinySeats.


From words to action 


In early development, we spent countless weekends trying to find suitable solutions that would deliver all the features we wanted TinySeats™ to have. After surveying the market and discussing our plans with friends and acquaintances, we learned that there was a broad, genuine demand for the car seat we wanted to create. 

This is when we really rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We spent a year and a half researching the market, delved into product development and amassed a network of experts around us.

We had set the plan in motion and inched closer to bringing our idea to life. After much trial and error, we partnered up with a Singapore-based design agency and started collaborating on the entire design process until the final concept was developed.

Back to the
drawing board


The initial design concept suffered difficulties with ECE R 44 compliance. It was disheartening, to say the least. But we did not give up. We started working with new partners and were introduced to JMDA – a UK based product design consultancy that has developed over 100 children car seats for multiple renowned international brands. After discussing the limitations of the first design in relation to the regulations, JMDA helped progress the vision and identified new opportunities. Together, we were able to redefine the concept.
The new vision presented new challenges and required technical innovations which extended the project further by another year. However, the team worked tirelessly, and with JMDA’s experience and support, we managed to overcome all the hurdles enabling us to deliver the final product.

Final touches, and at long last – success!


Sweden-based design agency Cliff Design was enlisted to finalize the fitting of TinySeats. After a joint effort of all partners and some tweaks to the design, we finally received the official certification in both China and Europe. And so, after many twists and turns, TinySeats was born. And we couldn’t be happier!
TinySeats is unlike any car seat seen before. A portable and compact car seat that can be converted to suit the safety needs of any child from the age of nine months up to the age of six. Being convenient for parents and above all safe for children in accordance with EU safety standards, TinySeats is now the most compact and versatile children's safety seat on the market. It is also a market first being portable as well as rear and front-facing and a booster all in one.
Thank you to all the parents who gave us the inspiration to set off on this journey, and to the experts who turned it into reality!